Thursday, October 26, 2006

Swell Cafe @ avalon

Swell Café @ Avalon.
A cool buzz of minimalism and always seems to be busy when I pass.
Stacked bleached bentwood stools seem to ebb and flow around the footpath like an organic amoeba to accommodate friends walking by. Spying a rare, spare table in the sun, I ordered a Caffé Dopio to test their caffeination abilities.
Verdict: Pretty good, with great service and water & sugar (served Italian style) arriving first unrequested. Many brownie points there.
The morning & weekend cool crowd had been replaced by an eclectic mix, including an old school hatted gentleman who looked as though he had lost his way from the RSL enjoying his lunch & the days newspaper in the stark gloss white and chrome corner on a shared bench.
The white-board menu looks interesting & seasonal too. Everybody else seems to be enjoying it. Reluctantly I leave my place in the sun.